Reefer Ship Ran Aground In Bosporus


The vessel ran aground which narrowly missed to hit a petrol station on shore.


Accident : Vessel grounding
Vessel Involved : Crown Emma, a reefer ship
Date : 24th November 2015
Location : The Bosporus near Kirecburnu on the western bank
Casualties/Pollution : Nil

The reefer ship ran aground in the Bosphorus.  It came very close to a petrol station on the shore.  It is reported that the rudder of the ship failed leading to cause the vessel to run out of control.  The vessel did not respond to the traffic control calls before grounding.

The 10,351 det vessel was en-route to Algeciras in Spain from Varna in Bulgaria.

An increase in the number of vessels grounding in Bosporus has increased the concerns to reassess how ship traffic flows through this congested trade artery.

Source: Todays Zaman



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