[Register] Drewry To Discuss COVID-19 Operational Problems in a Webinar


Drewry has planned to host a webinar to provide more stability and predictability for shippers, says a press release published on their website.

Ability to manage crisis

Drewry surveys of shippers and carrier schedules have shown that shippers have been subject to a high incidence of container roll-overs since March (up to 20%)

The shippers must be prepared to manage sudden carrier changes in capacity, services, and canceled sailings on a much higher scale than before.

Webinar to tackle COVID-19 operation crisis

In this webinar, Drewry’s Philip Damas and Stijn Rubens will review the operational problems, the recent service quality findings, the impact on shippers, and the importance of measuring carrier performance against agreed Key Performance Indicators.

The presentation will be recorded and available to download for registrants who may not be available at the time of the live presentation. They look forward to your participation.

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Source: GoToWebinar


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