Remains of Hurricane Leaves Flood Threat For Parts Of US


Hurricane Patricia to give Heavy rain and flood threat for the Gulf Coast, Lower Mississippi valley.


The Gulf Coast and the lower Mississippi Valley can expect heavy rain and potential floods.  The combination of the upper-level low pressure system and an area of low pressure sliding east along the Gulf Coast could give heavy rainfall to the region.  This is the second time this year, flooding is striking drought-parched areas.  The leftover moisture from Patricia and the surface low pressure system in the Gulf of Mexico formed partially in response to the mid- and upper-level of the hurricane is expected to cause the heavy shower.

This low pressure system caused floods along parts of the Texas Gulf Coast, including the Houston metro area on Saturday.  The Corsicana Airport recorded 17.50 inches of rain in Texas.  On Saturday morning, torrential rains pushed south into the Austin area, dumping up to 7 inches of rain in 3 hours and flooding numerous low water crossings in the area.

The dangerous flooding situation will continue to spread east along the Gulf Coast and into the lower Mississippi Valley through Monday.  Onshore winds from the area of low pressure in the Gulf of Mexico could contribute to some additional coastal flooding.  Minor coastal flooding is also possible from Alabama into the western Florida Panhandle.

Source: Weather