Remote Audits Conducted To Continue Operations During Covid-19 Pandemic!


Thome Group and DNV GL conduct remote audits during Covid-19 pandemic, in efforts to continue their operations, reports Safety4Sea.

Remote audits

Thome Group in collaboration with DNV GL, conducted an online audit using video conferencing software which enabled document sharing and discussions to take place to verify that all requirements had been met.

DNV GL in Singapore co-ordinated the audits with relevant Thome personnel and the Hong Kong, Liberia and Marshall Islands Flags also had representatives present to remotely witness the audit.

It is stated that this is currently the largest remote annual DOC audit performed by DNV GL´s Singapore office.

Remote vessel internal audit 

The Group is developing its own remote vessel internal audit procedures to ensure its managed vessels were not only compliant under ISM Ch.12.1 requirements, but also, to ensure that its management systems were verified to be effectively implemented, despite the COVID-19 restrictions.

About the audit

The audit included teleconferencing, screen sharing to demonstrate usage of onboard systems and documents and sharing of photos and videos to verify the physical condition onboard.

Claes Eek Thorstensen, Thome Group’s president and CCO commented that:

“I think that once lockdown restrictions are eased, we may see the continuation of remote audits and inspections as they are proving to be an efficient use of everyone’s time and energy which is advantageous for everyone concerned.”

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Source: Safety4Sea


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