Remote Neuropsychological Support for Crews Sailing in the Red Sea


The CIRM, the Italian maritime telemedicine service (TMAS) has declared its capacity to provide remote neuropsychological support to crews of merchant ships that may be subject to attacks in the Red Sea by developing UNSAFE SEA, a dedicated service offering neurological and psychological support.

According to a Marine Advisory by the Republic of Liberia, the Italian Coast Guard said that the increasing number of attacks on commercial ships transiting the Red Sea poses significant problems in safeguarding the health of seafarers. Those seafarers who have or could be subject to attacks, after experiencing such negative events, are at a high risk of developing psychological disorders.

With the UNSAFE SEA project, CIRM hopes to alleviate the stress that ships’ crew may experience. The service consists in telemedical assistance for offering: valuable emotional support, medical advice, if necessary, prescription of integration of the contents of the ship’s pharmacy with medical compounds for the treatment of symptoms developed as a result of an attack on the ship, stimulations to use strategies for management of stress, etc.

As explained, this service aims to:

  • limit the stress burden
  • provide tools for management of stress
  • prescribe appropriate pharmacological treatments to reduce anxiety, insomnia and other neuropsychiatric problems
  • ensure a continuous psychological support
  • reduce risk factors for the onset of psychopathology

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Source: The Liberian Registry