Rescue Helicopter Crashed Into The Sea Off Taiwan


A rescue helicopter was assisting the cargo ship which ran aground off Taiwan but unexpectedly crashed into the sea with five people on board.

According to the reports, a container ship ran aground off Taiwan on Thursday due to rough weather conditions.  A rescue helicopter was one of the six airborne crafts sent to assist in the emergency.  The aircraft was involved in surveying the ship’s cargo with two coastguards and three flight crew on board when it suddenly spiralled out of control and crashed into the sea.  It plunged into the sea 1,000ft off the Coast of Shimen District in Taiwan’s northern New Taipei City.

One person was killed in the crash while one other was rescued with critical injuries.  But, the search for the other victims is underway.

Some members of the public were involved in filming the grounded vessel but unexpectedly captured the helicopter crash.

Source: Daily Mail


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