Rescue Team Flew Overnight to Save a Seafarer Aboard a Cargo Ship


CareFlight Rescue Ill 20-Year-Old Sailor From Ship Nearly 500 km From Darwin


Wouldn’t this be a nightmare when you are out at sea and someone under your responsibility falls sick! That too, if it is onboard a merchant ship, where she is manned by a handful of people, the situation is even worse with no proper medic onboard. The captain of a Cargo ship, sailing between Taiwan and Groote Eylandt, called for help to medevac a 20-year old ill seafarer.  The CAREFLIGHT crew flew nearly 500km overnight to rescue the 20-year-old sailor from the cargo ship off the coast of Maningrida. A nurse was winched 20m down to the ship from the chopper to strap the sailor onto a stretcher. The chopper crew winched him to safety. It’s reported that the rescued sailor is in stable condition after the helicopter returned to Royal Darwin Hospital this morning.

The rescue effort was co-ordinated by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

Share your thoughts on what you would have done in such a situation?

Would you surrender to the commercial pressures or saved a life?

Source: NT News


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