Revamping The Colossus of Rhodes



The Colossus of Rhodes, a 98- foot high iron and bronze statue of the Greek God Helios had its place near the harbour of Rhodes for 54 years.  A sudden earthquake in 226 BCE hit the statue down.

A small team of scientist has proposed a plan to rebuild the structure.  This plan would help to boost tourism and local jobs.

The plan to revamp the statue includes

  • A new statue of 400 feet, nearly four times taller than the original.
  • A library
  • Museum
  • Cultural centre
  • An exhibition hall and
  • Lighthouse, which can be visible for 35 miles.

The construction:

  • Use modern techniques and technology to make it earthquake proof.
  • The golden solar panels will cover the exteriors of the statue appropriating the Greek god
  • The construction can be completed in 3-4 years.
  • The estimated cost of revamping the statue will be 240 to 260 millions euros ($US 264 to $US 286 million).

Cultural institutions along with the international funding crowds are expected to fund this plan.  The above-said plan will come alive only when the expected funds are collected.

 Source: Business Insider