‘Revolutionary’ Turbine Smashes Wind Power World Record


As reported by the Independent, the global record for the most power produced in a day has been surpassed by a new type of wind turbine.

Breakthrough in renewable energy

The 14-222 DD offshore prototype, developed by Siemens Gamesa, produced 359 megawatt-hours in only one day, enough to power 18,000 homes or a Tesla Model 3 for more than a million kilometres, the company claimed.

A set of “revolutionary” blades that are cast in a single piece of recyclable resin were used to make the breakthrough in renewable energy.

The new turbine also has a larger rotor diameter than similar turbines currently on the market, which increases annual energy production by over 25%.

In a fact sheet for its most recent prototype turbine, Siemens Gamesa stated that “component advances have permitted increased performance while retaining reliability” with each new generation of its offshore direct drive turbine technology, which has fewer moving parts than geared turbines.

Beneficial circular economy

“With a growing need to meet climate challenges, the winds of change power us more than ever. The new SG 14-222 DD is the next step towards this goal.”

The RecyclableBlade technology has already been used in a previous generation of turbines, having first launched in September 2021.

In July 2022, RWE Renewables’ offshore wind power facility deployed for the first time in a commercial setting.

According to Marc Becker, CEO of the Siemens Gamesa Offshore Business Unit, “We are demonstrating that as the forerunners of the offshore revolution, we are committed to making disruptive technology innovation economically viable at the rate that the climate emergency demands.”

“We can establish a beneficial circular economy by making RecyclableBlade available to our clients.”

With orders for wind farms off the coast of Taiwan, the US, and the UK, Siemens Gamesa said the new 14-222 DD turbine will begin production in 2024.


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Source: Independent





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