Revolutionizing EV Battery Supply Chain for Sustainable Future

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The rising demand for electric vehicles (EV), driven by global climate change policies, is accelerating the need for EV batteries, reads a Maersk release.

However, the EV battery supply chain is complex and multifaceted, with several players involved in numerous stages. This complexity is further compounded by the fact that the EV battery supply chain is spread across different parts of the world, needing excellent supply chain management to strengthen resilience and agility.

Driving the EV revolution through logistics

An integrated logistics partner can simplify this process. With Maersk you can be assured that we are constantly evolving our EV component supply chain with innovative, flexible and reliable integrated solutions that can keep your production lines moving.

In this comprehensive ebook, we provide a detailed overview of the EV battery supply chain in Asia. Explore the emerging trends in the industry and discover the challenges that carmakers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must overcome. We also identify opportunities that key players can leverage to maximize the potential of this growing industry.

This ebook also examines the successful partnership between Maersk and BYD, one of the leaders in the EV industry. We share valuable insights into the EV battery supply chain through an interview with Maersk’s vertical heads, providing you with an expert perspective on the key issues facing the industry today. Get hold of our latest ebook ‘Supercharging EV Batteries Supply Chain to get all the latest insights and information into EV battery trends.

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Source: Maersk