Revolutionizing Shipping: Japan’s Zero-Emissions Container Vessels


Pioneering Partnership

Japan’s Imoto Lines joins forces with Marindows to create Japan’s first zero-emissions container ships. These vessels feature exchangeable container batteries, onboard storage batteries, and generators powered by renewable energy. The containerized swappable batteries will be recharged on shore with renewable energy. Because they will store and run on renewable energy, they will not release significant carbon dioxide emissions throughout their operational lives.

Government Support

Trial runs along the Kobe to Hiroshima route showcase the project’s capabilities. The Project will last from April 2024 to March 2027 and focus on challenges faced by Japan’s Maritime Sector, including crew shortage, safe navigation, and decarbonisation. The initiative is being supported by the Japanese Government’s Ministry of the Environment, which has included it in the FY2024 Carbon Neutral Technology Research and Development Program.

Efficiency, Affordability, and Environmental Responsibility

Reduced crew requirements, operating costs, and competitive pricing make these ships a game-changer. A flexible architecture allows for seamless integration of new technologies, ensuring longevity and relevance. Retrofitting with low-impact generators like biofuels and hydrogen fuel cells further minimizes carbon footprint.

Size, Performance, and Cutting-Edge Features

These 499 gross tonnage vessels boast a 200 TEU capacity the biggest in Japan, and will be built by January 2027 at Miura Shipbuilding, Saiki, Oita Prefecture. The Ships will have an LOA of 81 m, 13.5 m breadth, and 6.6 m depth with a speed of 12.5 knots. They will function with a hybrid range of 2700 miles and zero emissions capacity with a range of 180 miles with five container batteries. Making them the largest in Japan, with impressive speed and range capabilities. EV-optimised design, exchangeable 20-foot container battery system, next-gen cockpit, onshore-to-ship power supply, and mooring support systems set new standards for maritime excellence.

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Source: Marine Insight