RINA Grants AiP to CGT’s Methanol LFSS

Credit: via RINA

Cryolobe Gas Technology Co. Ltd. (CGT) received an Approval in Principle (AiP) certificate from RINA on June 1st for their internally developed Methanol Low-flashpoint Fuel Supply System (LFSS).

Key features of the LFSS: 

  1. Functional module skid-mounting, convenient and fast refit in ship conversion;
  2. The high degree of automation, with single and double pump switching supply functions;
  3. High heat exchange efficiency, and low energy consumption, with gas phase reflux management and other operations;
  4. Able to meet the requirements of methanol fuel supply pressure and temperature for different types of methanol dual-fuel main engines and generators.


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Source: RINA


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