Rotterdam Joins Digital Ship Traffic Management Programme


Port of Rotterdam, one of the 10 most visited ports worldwide, has started using traffic management and digital arrival technology to manage ship arrivals and port marine resources.

The Dutch port has joined the Sea Traffic Management (STM) validation project in which ships digitally and automatically communicate with port officials.

STM assists ships arriving to Port of Rotterdam and port planning becomes easier. Ships can adjust speed as the planned arrival time is automatically exchanged. Port authorities are then able to organise tugs to assist ships visiting quays and terminals in the harbour.

Around 300 ships are involved in the STM validation project. They share their voyage plan schedules directly from their ECDIS or other navigation system with Port of Rotterdam electronically.

This improves the quality and predictability of arrival information in port systems and navigation equipment on board these ships, and improves planning of tug and mooring assist vessel positions in the port.

Updates of the planned arrival times are shared automatically, which reduces the need for manual communication. When the port authority adjusts the planned time of arrival, an update is automatically transmitted and displayed as a text message on that ship.

STM validation involves 13 ports and 5 shore-based service centres in northern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.

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Source: Tug Technology and Business