[Watch] Runaway Cruise Ship and Six Other Vessels Stuck Under Bridge


On January 25, an unoccupied cruise ship that broke away from its moorings and reportedly stuck underneath a rail bridge has been freed.

What happened?

An unoccupied Hudson River cruise ship ‘Captain J.P. III’ that broke loose from its moorings amid rising water and ice jams has been freed from beneath a rail bridge in Albany, New York.

The four-deck cruise ship and six other vessels drifted downriver from Troy toward Albany early Friday, temporarily closing five vehicle bridges during morning rush hour.

Freed from under the bridge

The 300-foot cruise vessel was stuck for hours beneath a railroad bridge connecting Albany and Rensselaer, prompting Amtrak to reduce speeds over the span. Two Coast Guard ice-breaking cutters and two commercial tugboats worked to pull it free.

The Coast Guard released a statement that the vessel was freed around 3:30 p.m. and towed back north to Troy. All other vessels that drifted downriver along with the vessel were secured.

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Source: 6News