Kyiv Under Drone Attack


A recent news article published in the deals with Russia Hits Ukraine’s Kyiv Region With Drone Attack.

Drone attack in the Kyiv region

Russia carried out a drone attack in the Kyiv region and struck a residential building in southern Ukraine with a missile, following days of strikes that have galvanized Western support for fortifying Ukraine’s air defenses.

Three suicide drones struck an unspecified infrastructure facility in the Makariv area, about 35 miles west of the capital, said the head of the Kyiv region’s military administration, Oleksiy Kuleba. Rescue workers were at the site of the attack, he said, adding that there were no casualties.

The assault’s proximity to Kyiv underscores concerns about the threat posed by Iranian-made drones, which Russia has begun using more widely in recent weeks as it loses ground to Ukrainian forces.

Ukraine’s air-force command said it had shot down six Iranian-made drones over the south of the country on Thursday. While the drones’ slow speed and low altitude make them relatively easy to shoot down, Russia has exploited gaps in Ukraine’s patchwork of air defenses by deploying them in large numbers in conjunction with missiles.

Rescue workers recovered the bodies of two civilians from the rubble of a five-story apartment block destroyed by a Russian missile strike in the southern port city of Mykolaiv, according to Mayor Oleksandr Senkevych. Efforts were under way to find other civilians trapped beneath the wreckage.

Western Lviv region

Six missiles were fired on territory in the western Lviv region, four of which were shot down by soldiers, said Maksym Kozytskyi, head of the region’s military administration.

Earlier this week, Russia carried out one of its broadest and most intense barrages of the war, targeting Ukraine’s energy infrastructure with more than 80 missiles and drones following weeks of setbacks on the battlefield. Ukraine’s air defenses shot down roughly half of the Russian missiles on Monday, but Kyiv has increased calls for more sophisticated defense weaponry.

In response, Ukraine’s partners pledged to bolster the country’s air defenses at a meeting of the 50-nation Ukraine Contact Group in Brussels on Wednesday.

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Source: WSJ


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