Russia Launches Missile Attack From Caspian Sea


Russian warship anchored at the Caspian Sea was used to launch rocket attacks on Syria.  A video released by the Russian defence ministry shows a firing of 26 missiles out of which 11 reportedly struck the intended target into western Syria, province of Latakia, located at a distance of 1500 kms.

Russia appears to have sought the cooperation of Iran and Iraq as the cruise missiles had to fly over Iran and Iraq air space before it reached the targeted region in western Syria, known to be under siege by the ISIS rebels.  They claim that their cruise missiles were launched in a flight path that was devoid of civilian population, for which they had sought the cooperation of Iraq and Iran to chart out safe missile trajectory paths.  This is Russia’s longest-range attack ever documented. Despite their claims, some strikes hit areas populated with civilians.

Russian armed forces have in all struck at 112 targets on Syrian soil since, September 30.  Russia is targeting terrorists in its support of Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president.

Also there has been reports on Russian war ships carrying military trucks Ural-4320, after Russia’s cruise missile attacks.  Ural 4320 is a Russian army truck used to transport weapons and troops.  It is also known to act as a rocket launching platform.

Source: CNN