Russian Tanker Exploded at Ship Repair Yard in Bulgaria



Russian tanker VF Tanker 7 exploded at ship repair yard Terem in Varna, Bulgaria.

What happened?

The vessel was docked for maintenance and repair works, but caught fire after explosion in fuel tank compartment. The accident was immediately reported to the local authorities and at the scene were sent firefighting teams. There are no reports about injuries and gassing of the region.

Investigation launched:

The local authorities initiated investigation for the root cause of the accident and was formed crisis centre to assess the situation.

According to the local media the accident happened during welding works on vessel’s hull, but there is no danger fire to extend to nearby ships.

Fire under control:

The firefighters are working to get control over the flames and to extinguish the fire. On-site arrived teams from the firefighting department and police, which will help with investigation.

There is no danger for the population in vicinity, as tanker VF Tanker 7 was not carrying dangerous cargo.

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