SAIC Anji To Add Dual-Fuel Car Carriers

Credits: Ian Taylor/Unsplash

SAIC Anji Logistics, a unit of China’s biggest automaker SAIC Motor, has launched new tenders to order more dual-fuel car carriers, says an article published in LNG Prime.

Five LNG dual-fuel

The company already has five LNG dual-fuel pure car and truck carriers under construction at China’s Jiangnan Shipyard.

SAIC Anji Logistics ordered two LNG-powered PCTCs with a capacity of 7,600 units in October last year, followed by an order in May this year for three additional LNG-fueled PCTCs with a capacity of 7,800 units.

International tenders

Designed by SDARI, all of the vessels will feature WinGD dual-fuel engines and type C LNG tanks.

Now the company launched two international tenders for in total seven dual-fuel car carriers.

These vessels will have a larger capacity of 8,900 units.

Bidders experience

The tenders do not specify whether these vessels would also be LNG-powered, but the bidders should have experience in building LNG-fueled ships.


Shipbuilding sources told LNG Prime that these vessels would also be LNG-powered, such as the five ships ordered at Jiangnan.

The only difference is that these new ships would be methanol-ready, instead of ammonia-ready, the sources said.

Secured funds

According to the tenders, Saic Anji Logistics plans to take delivery of the vessels from August 2025 until the end of March 2026.

Saic Anji Logistics has already secured funds for the construction of the vessels, it said.

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Source: LNG Prime


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