Sailing Towards Greener Shipping



For having the most economic ship under the Singapore flag, Asiatic Lloyd Maritime LLP has won the Green Ship of the Year Award at this year’s International Maritime Awards.

Friedrich Bunnemann, partner, Asiatic Lloyd Maritime LLP, says: “We are very excited about the news of winning the Green Ship Award in these difficult times. A lot of work from our engineers and the shipyard went into this specific project.”

“Much effort was spent in designing and building this vessel in order to achieve this result. Having the most economic ship under the Singapore flag makes us very proud.”

A part of the Asiatic Lloyd & Atlantic Lloyd group of companies representing the shipowning and ship management activities of the KF Bunnemann family, Asiatic Lloyd Maritime LLP serves as a shipowning vehicle responsible for strategic investments in the bulk and container space. The company is responsible for full management of its vessels as well as project development and asset management.

The green ship, UASC ZAMZAM (Asiatic Summer) was designed for optimisation of speed, energy efficiency, better performance and best fuel consumption.

Among the features and fixtures that have contributed to this initiative are: optimisation of hull form, best fittings for liner service requirements; pure silyl antifouling paint; trim optimisation software; rudder blade installed with hydrodynamic bulb; ballast water treatment system; environmental passport class notation; latest generation 5 ppm oily water separator; biodegradable oil fitted in all underwater parts; propeller shaft seal fitted with air chamber; designated dangerous goods bilge water tank; latest generation of ultra-long stroke common rail electronically controlled main engine installed; and 6-blade large diameter high skew propeller.

Significantly the vessel attained the Ships Energy Efficiency Design Index, fulfilling requirements of Phase 3 in force from year 2025. In addition, it has external and internal container lashing system for increased loading capability.

The company is actively making efforts to move towards greener shipping. “We research for greener solutions, educating our employees and crews on the importance of energy and ship efficiency and their possible contribution towards it. Also, we control and verify the energy efficiency of the ships through daily reporting, analysis of data and comparing it to our targets,” says Mr Bunnemann.

As for the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore’s efforts in setting standards to encourage the industry to move towards greener shipping, he says: “The assistance in promotion of energy efficiency in shipping leads to more sustainability in our industry. We can develop a competitive edge over our peers by being based in Singapore and running our ships from this maritime hub.”

An example of the company’s contributions to Maritime Singapore through collaboration with industry partners is its co-investment in a company which invests in E-Navigation, which is being implemented on board its ships.

The system uses information on tidal and ocean currents to advise the ship’s master on how to adjust his course in order to save fuel. This helps to build relationship with the clients, the charterers, as any effort to reduce fuel consumption on the vessels is important for them.

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