Sailor Stabbed Aboard Cargo Ship



In an unfortunate incident, a Russian crew member was reportedly stabbed during an altercation on board a cargo ship.

What happened?

A crew member of a general cargo vessel LEAH was stabbed twice with knife and had to be medevaced late on May 5.

The Vessel was in the Atlantic, north of Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides of Scotland, while en route from Rotterdam to Straumsvik, Iceland.

Quarrel leads to stabbing:

He was medevaced by helicopter and taken to a hospital located in Stornoway.

Reportedly there was a quarrel leading to a fight, between him and another crew.

Investigation underway:

The wounded sailor has been identified as a 32-year old Russian.

The vessel arrived at Hafnarfjordur Port on May 7, it was held in the port until the morning of May 9.

The Dutch police have initiated investigation to determine the events which led to subsequent stabbing.

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Source: Press and Journal


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