Sailors’ Society Launches MyWellness App For Seafarers


  • Sailors’ Society introduces the MyWellness app, empowering Seafarers for Better health.
  • Accessible on phones, tablets, or laptops, free of charge.
  • Aiming to reduce preventable ill health among seafarers.

Sailors’ Society introduces MyWellness app, revolutionizing seafarer health with over 1,000 users and growing, reports Sailors Society.

Groundbreaking Features

Interactive e-learning platform exclusively tailored for seafarers. It is accessible on phones, tablets, or laptops, free of charge. It offers animations, podcasts, and quizzes to enhance wellbeing at sea.

Industry-Leading Support

Developed with funding from Chellship and the Chellaram Foundation. Builds on a decade of Wellness at Sea services, focusing on mental health and welfare.

Addresses mental and emotional strain, professional relationships, financial management, and physical fitness.

User Feedback

Overwhelming approval, with 91% of users applying learned content to daily life. The Content is praised for clarity, engagement, and practicality.

91% report a better understanding of mental health and wellbeing. Two-thirds of users recommend the app to fellow seafarers.

CEO’s Perspective

Sailors’ Society CEO, Sara Baade, emphasizes the app’s role in empowering seafarers for healthier and happier lives at sea.

Aiming to reduce preventable ill health among seafarers, benefiting both individuals and the industry.

Flexible Learning

Available both online and offline, accommodating varying connectivity at sea.

Completion of modules earns users a valuable certification for future employment opportunities.

The MyWellness app stands as a beacon of support for seafarers, fostering a culture of self-care and resilience in the maritime industry.

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Source: Sailors Society