Sailors’ Society’s Virtual Maritime Conference

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Discover Sailors’ Society’s virtual twist to the third Wellness at Sea Maritime Schools’ Conference, providing cadets with an immersive experience on crucial maritime topics. The shipmanagmentinternational news.

  • Virtual conference center with interactive sessions and simulated trade show exhibits.
  • Presentations from industry leaders and influencers on wellness, mental health, and diversity.
  • Sponsored by Seaspan and NorthStandard P&I, with upcoming events in South East Asia, Africa, and the UK.

Discovering New Avenues for Cadets

Sailors’ Society, the global maritime welfare charity, is gearing up for its third Wellness at Sea Maritime Schools’ Conference in North Asia, offering an exciting virtual experience for cadets. This year, the conference takes place online on August 7th, showcasing a cutting-edge virtual conference center with interactive sessions and simulated trade show exhibits. The event is the first of four conferences scheduled for 2023, each addressing crucial aspects of seafarers’ wellness and mental health, with a focus on diversity.

Insights from Prominent Industry Leaders

The conference promises an enriching experience for the attending cadets, featuring presentations from influential industry leaders and advocates. Among the esteemed speakers are Capt. Tushar Pradhan, General Secretary of the Maritime Union of India, and Mariana Noceti, representing the Women in Maritime Programme at the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Their presentations will shed light on key issues facing today’s seafarers and equip the cadets with valuable knowledge as they embark on their careers at sea.

Sponsors Nurturing Maritime Excellence

The event has garnered sponsorship from prominent maritime companies, Seaspan and NorthStandard P&I, who recognize the significance of empowering future maritime professionals. Belinda Ward, Director (claims) at NorthStandard, expressed excitement about being a part of the conference and the opportunity to interact with North Asia’s highly committed and skilled crew, who are the future elite seafarers. Captain Manoj Gandhi, Country Head & Director at Seaspan Crew Management India, highlighted the importance of informing cadets about critical issues like wellness and diversity from the outset of their careers.

A Continuation of Success 

Building on the tremendous success of previous events, Sailors’ Society aims to reach an even wider audience this year through virtual platforms. In 2022, over 5,000 cadets attended the charity’s virtual conferences in India, the Philippines, and Africa, with an overwhelming 95% of attendees advocating for these conferences to be an integral part of their maritime syllabus. The upcoming virtual conference program includes South East Asia on September 23, Africa on October 12, and, for the first time, the UK’s esteemed maritime colleges on November 9. The events offer maritime students essential tools and knowledge to manage their well-being, paving the way for a thriving career in the maritime industry.

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