Salvage Heroes: Clearing Wrecks and Refloating Grounded Ships

Credit: Tom Fisk/Pexels

In September 2022, superyacht 007 capsized in Kolones Bay, Kythnos, Greece and Tsavliris Salvage and Environmental Pollution Engineering (EPE) assisted with the antipollution services and helped the yacht’s master remove valuable items. In February 2023, Tsavliris and EPE were awarded the wreck removal tender and began salvage work on 1 March 2023 with a salvage and antipollution team and divers. Two floating cranes with lifting capacities of 110 and 120 tonnes were arranged, the hull was made watertight by patching and sealing cracks, and a plate was welded to the damaged section of the bulbous bow. The operation was completed by March 12th.

Refloating a yacht

Tsavliris Salvage and Environmental Pollution Engineering (EPE) fitted lifting air balloons on the port side of superyacht 007 for additional buoyancy and used two floating cranes to lift and dewater the yacht. The yacht was successfully refloated, turned upright, and cleaned by divers before being towed to Bodrum, Turkey. Seawind Shipping Services carried out several emergency towage operations, including Santana, Speed Jet, Sandpipe, and Everglades.

Smit emergency responses

Smit Salvage worked on eight emergency response and wreck removal projects worldwide at the beginning of 2023. They successfully refloated a grounded 82,000-dwt bulk carrier in Sao Francisco do Sul, Brazil, and assisted a coal-laden 54,000-dwt bulk carrier in Indonesia that had suffered water ingress. Smit also helped a stranded 180,000-dwt bulk carrier laden with coal during its voyage to Singapore off northeast Australia. They were hired to seal a leaking valve on the inside of the casualty’s engine room and towed it for over 40 days to Singapore for final repair work in cooperation with Boskalis and Smit Lamnalco personnel.

Other salvage projects

Resolve Marine assisted a general cargo vessel taking on water near Abaco Island, Bahamas, and a fishing vessel that caught fire and sank off the coast of Buenaventura, Colombia, in December 2022. In January 2023, Multraship Salvage & Towage helped refloat oil tanker Torm Signe after it ran aground on the Western Scheldt upstream from Terneuzen.

Resolve Marine assisted a stricken general cargo vessel off Abaco Island, Bahamas, and a fishing vessel that caught fire and sank off the coast of Buenaventura, Colombia. Multraship Salvage & Towage and Boluda jointly refloated oil tanker Torm Signe that ran aground on the Western Scheldt near Terneuzen. Tug Echo and Multraship Rescue 2 refloated cargo ship Neophyte, which had grounded on a breakwater in the river Scheldt near Antwerp. Nippon Salvage assisted a stricken LNG carrier off Japan and salvaged a fishing vessel at Tsushima Island, Nagasaki, Japan.


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Source: Riviera