Samsung Aims To Make New Devices Out Of Recycled Ocean Plastic


Samsung has emerged as the latest phone maker with plans to use materials that are already damaging the environment in its devices as reported by Samsung.

Repurpose and utilize

The company announced that it wishes to repurpose old fishing nets and utilize the material in the next line of Galaxy devices. The first major device to use the material will be reportedly showcased during a gala event. 

Eco-conscious material

In a press release, Samsung mentioned that this endeavour is in line with its ongoing effort to eliminate single-use plastics and increase the use of eco-conscious material.

The electronics giant claimed that around 640,000 tons of fishing nets are discarded or abandoned each year. These nets are damaging marine life, including coral reefs.

Revolutionize the industry

Whereas, Apple, in recent years cultivated an eco-friendly image by ditching chargers in new phone boxes, which has also led to reduced shipping charges. Samsung has not disclosed the exact nature of the material it’s using. But we are excited about the fact that its entire lineup will incorporate repurposed ocean plastic in the future and how this might revolutionize the industry.

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Source: Samsung