Sanmar Shipyards Tuzla Launches First Transverse Tug

credit: Maersk

Sanmar Shipyards Tuzla in Türkiye has unveiled a groundbreaking multi-purpose tugboat, representing the future of tugboat technology.

TRAnsverse Tug: Innovative Design

With an overall length of 25.8m, moulded beam of 12.0m, moulded depth of 4.5m and a maximum draft of 6.3m TRAnsverse Tug can generate higher steering forces than most designs of similar dimensions and comes with an innovative staple design and unique ability to push, pull and manoeuvre in all directions.

The new design has been designed by Robert Allan Ltd in according to the requirements of Svitzer, and with contribution from Sanmar Shipyards.

TRAnsverse Tug: Efficient, Green, User-Friendly

With omni-direction hull form and propulsion, steering forces over the full range of speeds and manoeuvres, and a unique towing arrangement, the compact, more fuel-efficient TRAnsverse Tug is scalable and suitable for all types of harbour and terminal towage operations.

Its two main engines further enhance the tug’s green credentials by complying with Tier lll emissions regulations while driving two ASD fixed pitch propellers. It can achieve a bollard pull of 60 tonnes. In addition to its innovative design emphasis has been put on ease of operation for the onboard crew of up to six.

Sanmar: Leading Towage Innovation

Sanmar is pioneering new technology tugboats through innovation, technological advances and alternative fuels. The TRAnsverse Tug joins the wide product portfolio of Sanmar’s  Electric-powered ElectRA Tugs, along with LNG-fuelled, hybrid, methanol and autonomous tugs.

Ali Gurun, Chairman of Sanmar Shipyards, said: “We are really looking forward to deliver the tug and compare the performance of TRAnsverse design and find out with Tractor Azimuth and Tractor Voith design tugs. Currently we have Electric, LNG and Methanol fuelled tugs as well as diesel tugs on order and these are coming TRAnsverse, ASD or Cycloidal Tractor form. We are proud to be building technologically advanced projects and being the forefront shipyard to use alternative fuels and enable our towage industry further down the road to a clean, green and sustainable future.”


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Source: Sanmar


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