Satellite Imagery Shows a Huge Fleet of Idle Cargo Ships


Satellite Images Show Massive Armada Of Idle Cargo Ships Waiting To Dock In Long Beach, says an article published in The Drive.

A complicated situation

The massive backlog of cargo ships stacking up off the port of Long Beach, California, is making headlines. It’s a complicated situation, with multiple factors contributing to the unprecedented situation, including labor shortages at the docks, growing ship sizes, and COVID-safety measures slowing down the processing of each ship’s cargo.

A massive delay

As well as a big uptick in incoming cargo, among others. Well over 60 ships are awaiting their turn to offload and the massive delay there, as well as at other U.S. ports, is impacting an already rickety supply chain that has been battered by the logistical fits and starts of the pandemic.

Recent images obtained

The best way to understand just how bad the problem has become is visual. With this in mind, we obtained recent satellite imagery of the area. The image at the top of this post was taken using satellite-based synthetic aperture radar (SAR), with each big ship showing up as a bright glimmer among the black backdrop of the ocean.

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Source: TheDrive


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