SC Ports Halts Operations Due To Software Issue


  • South Carolina Ports (SC Ports) has experienced significant delays in terminal and inland port operations, including gate functions, due to a vendor software issue affecting a server.
  • Efforts to restore systems are ongoing, with many systems already back online.
  • However, cargo pickup and drop-off are currently suspended until the issue is fully resolved.

On May 21, 2024, South Carolina Ports (SC Ports) faced a disruption in their terminal and inland port operations due to technical difficulties with a vendor’s software. This issue has caused delays in gate operations and halted cargo pickups and drop-offs. SC Ports is actively working to resolve the problem and restore full operational capacity.

Technical Issues at SC Ports

South Carolina Ports reported delays in terminal and inland port operations due to a technical issue. The problem, linked to a vendor software issue affecting a server, has disrupted gate systems, preventing cargo pickup and drop-off.

Efforts to Restore Systems

SC Ports has been working diligently to bring systems back online. Although many systems have been restored, the gate issue remains partially unresolved. SC Ports continues to focus on resolving this problem to resume normal operations as swiftly as possible.

Impact on Operations

The disruption has caused significant delays in cargo handling at SC Ports. While the port authorities are making progress in addressing the technical issue, the temporary suspension of cargo pickup and drop-off has impacted supply chain activities.

Communication and Updates

SC Ports is committed to providing timely updates on the situation. They have assured stakeholders that they are working through the issues and will communicate progress as it happens. The port authorities are focused on minimizing the impact on operations and ensuring a swift return to normalcy.

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Source: Container News