Scaling Up: Clearbot’s Rapid Expansion


Clearbot, a zero-emission AI-powered autonomous robotic service vessel, developed by entrepreneurial graduates from Hong Kong University, is revolutionizing marine pollution control and marine services. With its multifunctional capabilities and eco-friendly design, Clearbot is poised to make a significant impact globally.

Inception and Mission

    • Founded by Sidhant Gupta and Utkarsh Goel after witnessing the environmental challenges in Bali, Clearbot began as a solution to tackle marine pollution and enhance marine services.
    • The mission was to create a tangible impact by developing electric, autonomous vessels capable of efficient garbage collection and other marine tasks.

Rapid Expansion and Technological Advancements

    • From its initial prototype to a fleet of 11 units and plans for expansion to 100 units, Clearbot has experienced rapid growth.
    • Technological advancements, including AI for garbage analysis and lidar for navigation, have enhanced Clearbot’s efficiency and effectiveness in marine operations.

Future Prospects and Market Potential

    • Clearbot’s modular design and multifunctional capabilities open up numerous opportunities for applications worldwide, from garbage collection to cargo deliveries.
    • Despite challenges in securing funding, early interest from clients and the endorsement of organizations like LR and the Shipowners’ Club signal a promising future for Clearbot’s expansion and adoption.

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Source: LR