ScanOcean And Lakeway Link Partner On Renewable Marine Fuel


  • Swedish marine fuel supplier ScanOcean has joined forces with Lakeway Link, a joint venture between Wallenius and Greencarrier Group, to introduce a new marine fuel containing 15% renewable content, known as B15-DMA.
  • This partnership aims to advance sustainability in maritime operations, particularly for Lakeway Link’s new roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) service between Södertälje, Sweden, and Gdynia, Poland.

In a significant move towards greener maritime practices, Swedish marine fuel supplier ScanOcean and Lakeway Link, a joint venture of Wallenius and Greencarrier Group, have joined hands to introduce a groundbreaking renewable marine fuel. This collaboration aims to revolutionize sustainability in the maritime industry, starting with Lakeway Link’s new roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) service between Södertälje, Sweden, and Gdynia, Poland. Let’s delve into the details of this innovative partnership and the environmental benefits it promises to deliver.

New Marine Fuel for Lakeway Link’s RoRo Service

  • Agreement Details: ScanOcean will supply B15-DMA fuel to Lakeway Link’s new RoRo service.
  • Route: Södertälje, Sweden, to Gdynia, Poland.

Environmental Benefits

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The B15-DMA fuel helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, meeting EU ETS obligations.
  • Compliance and Standards: Enhances Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) and Clean Shipping Index (CSI) scores, compatible with upcoming FuelEU Maritime regulations.

Leadership Statements

Fredrik Hermansson, CEO of Lakeway Link emphasized the partnership’s alignment with sustainability goals and setting new standards in maritime environmental responsibility. Jonatan Karlström, Managing Director of ScanOcean AB highlighted the collaboration as a significant milestone towards providing sustainable fuel solutions and leading the green maritime industry.

Implementation and Commitment

  • Fuel Deliveries: B15-DMA will be delivered to the M/S Lakeway Express in Södertälje, Sweden.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: Both companies are dedicated to environmental sustainability beyond regulatory compliance.

Previous Initiatives

ScanOcean and Neste Oyi introduced a lower-emission DMA Gasoil for the shipping sector, furthering their commitment to sustainable maritime fuels. This partnership underscores ScanOcean and Lakeway Link’s dedication to reducing the environmental impact of maritime operations through innovative fuel solutions.

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Source: Offshore Energy