Scary View From Cruise Balcony Goes Viral


In a new video that was shared on TikTok by @angcorbin, a creator shared a terrifying view from her stateroom balcony, says Wander Wisdom.

  • A new video by an influencer goes viral
  • The video showed a unique yet scary view from a Cruise ship balcony.
  • People present during the incident are calling this their worse experience.

There is nothing better than a cruise ship vacation especially when there are multiple stops. Further, good weather and calmness are like a cherry on the top. But this was a rather different incident.

The Incident

This couple was going through a lock-in, in Germany. The ship was extremely close to the sides, it looked like the ship was getting stuck. ”We’ve never seen something like this before, and people who watched the video are equally as taken back by it.” Luckily, one commenter was able to explain what this scary phenomenon was. User @bagelskirata58 said, “They’re crossing a lock, which is just a bunch of water chambers that raise the boat to the height of the next one and so on to get to higher water.” 

Internet’s Take

This incident is one of the worse experiences for people who suffer from claustrophobia. A user said, “I would have gotten so claustrophobic and started panicking right then and there 😭.” We’d feel exactly the same way! However, something tells us this was no big deal for the captain of the ship, and there’s no way they’d attempt it without knowing what they’re doing. (Keep that in mind if you’re brave enough to book a similar excursion.)

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Source: Wander Wisdom



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