Scientists Discover A Water Reservoir Below Earth’s Surface, Thrice The Size Of All 


Scientists at Northwestern University in Illinois, United States, have discovered a massive water reservoir hidden beneath the Earth’s surface.

Researchers used 2000 seismographs across the United States to systematically study seismic waves generated by more than 500 earthquakes.

Slowdown Of waves

By examining the slowdown of these waves as they passed into the Earth’s centre, particularly the core, they discovered substantial evidence of water in the rocks below.

Significance of discovery 

The primary researcher, Steven Jacobsen, stressed the transformational significance of this discovery, stating that without this subsurface reserve, Earth’s water would be limited to its surface, leaving only mountain peaks visible.

The discovery of this secret ocean calls into question Earth’s water cycle, implying a potential shift away from hypotheses that place comet impacts are the primary cause.

This discovery can potentially change our understanding of the Earth’s water cycle. It suggests that water may reside within the mantle, travelling among rock grains.

Further seismic data

With this significant discovery in hand, researchers are keen to collect further seismic data worldwide to determine the prevalence of mantle melting.

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Source : Marine Insight