Scrubbers Possess Lower Carbon Footprint Than VLSFO


A recent news article published in the Hcmworthy Pumps states that Scrubbers have a lower carbon footprint than VLSFO.

What does the new study say?

A new study concludes that installing an exhaust gas cleaning system is the better solution in terms of CO2 emissions.

Many shipowners have replaced HFO with low sulfur fuel oil in order to comply with the new, lower limit on sulfur in marine fuel. But in most cases it would be a better solution for the climate to install an exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS).

In a new study, the research and analyst firm CE Delft has compared CO2 emissions from production and installation of an EGCS – or scrubber system – with CO2 emissions from production and burning refined marine fuels.

The use of an EGCS results in a 1.5-3% increase of CO2 emissions for a range of representative ships. In comparison the increase in CO2 emissions from burning low-sulfur fuel oil ranges somewhere between 1 and 25 percent.

– In many cases, the emissions caused by producing low-sulphur fuels for these ships are higher, depending on the quality of the low-sulphur fuel, the refinery and the crude oil slate, the report says.

More than 800 pumps supplied for EGCS

At Hamworthy Pumps we are prepared to supply the scrubber system manufacturers with second-to-none solutions and to support the ship owners in their efforts to comply with the new IMO sulphur cap.

With more than 800 pumps supplied for scrubber systems, we know that timeliness and quality are crucial. Short lead times means that we must deliver on time, and among our customers we have proved ourselves of being capable of doing just that. In fact, we can deliver a scrubber pump solution anywhere you need it within 10-12 weeks.

Hamworthy Pumps has the experience and the products to cater to both open loop and closed/hybrid systems. The compact pumps are characterized by low NPSHr, high efficiency and reliability as well as low life cycle costs.

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Source: Hamworthy


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