Sea-Intelligence Report: May 2024 Sees Highest Schedule Reliability Yet Amid Rising Delays


Sea-Intelligence’s Global Liner Performance (GLP) report, issue 154, presents schedule reliability data up to May 2024. This report highlights global schedule reliability trends across 34 trade lanes and 60+ carriers.

Global Schedule Reliability Improvement

In May 2024, global schedule reliability improved by 3.8 percentage points month-over-month (M/M) to 55.8%, the highest figure for the year. Despite this improvement, the year-over-year (Y/Y) reliability dropped by 11.0 percentage points.

Increased Delays for Late Arrivals

The average delay for late vessel arrivals increased by 0.34 days M/M to 5.10 days in May 2024. This figure is approaching pandemic highs and is 0.73 days higher Y/Y.

Carrier Performance Variability

CMA CGM was the most reliable top-13 carrier in May 2024 with 57.1% schedule reliability. Conversely, PIL was the least reliable at 44.5%. Ten carriers recorded M/M improvements, with Maersk and CMA CGM leading at 6.0 percentage points. However, no carrier saw a Y/Y improvement, with eight carriers experiencing double-digit declines.

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Source: Sea-Intelligence