Seably Adds Online Mental Health Assessment for Crews with WellAtSea

Credits: Flavio Gasperini/Unsplash

WellAtSea, acquired by digital seafarer training firm Seably in 2022, has partnered with Vanguard Assessments to bring its online Mental Health Assessment programme to the maritime sector, reports Marine Insight.

Improving seafarer wellness and performance

The new service is an addition to the current WellAtSea range and will allow companies to provide a complete mental health assessment for crew over the internet. This includes a testing process for a wide range of mental health concerns, including personality, emotional and behavioural issues.

Upon completion, companies will receive a data and interpretation report analysed by a psychologist within a week. “It is an essential objective for us to improve the overall well-being of seafarers through continuous and sustainable organisational change,” said Gisa Paredes, Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer, WellAtSea.

This addition of the new WellAtSea service will provide companies with a comprehensive tool to evaluate the mental health status of their seafarers and identify areas for improvement. In practice, seafarers will take the assessment both before going to sea and during their time at sea, so companies can see their seafarers’ mental well-being and make any appropriate interventions.”

There is still a stigma around mental health and the fact that seafarers still don’t feel able to talk about it or access services says a lot about the current environment in the sector, but we are pleased to see that this is starting to change. That is why we are bringing this assessment service for seafarers to shipping companies to help them take proactive measures.”

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Source: Marine Insight


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