Seafarer Evaluation App Launches


OneLearn Global (OLG), a Cyprus-based supplier of digital eLearning, has launched an all-in-one digital evaluation solution that enables organisations to compile data and assess the skills of seafarers in a single spot as reported by Splash247.

Personalised experience

Two tools make up the Seafarer Evaluation App (SEA): CompetenSEA, used to assess seafarers’ knowledge and competencies and determine their aptitude for a given role; and FluenSEA, intended to assess seafarers’ proficiency in marine English.

Companies can use the app, according to OLG, to create certificates for each seafarer, personalise the exams, generate reports that summarise candidates’ competencies, compare seafarers to industry norms, and get a more complete picture of their workforce’s knowledge base.

Pre-hiring decisions 

“OneLearn Global’s Seafarer Evaluation App (SEA) gives forward-thinking managers a powerful tool to measure the competency of their workforce, and to ensure that seafarers have the knowledge and training to do their job. Skilled and knowledgeable seafarers are the future of the maritime industry,” said Abhinava Narayana, chief executive of OLG.

By routinely assessing a person’s competency levels, CompetenSEA can be used for continuous training and development as well as pre-hiring decisions to narrow the pool of candidates for a post. Each assessment creates a special test specific to a candidate’s kind of vessel, department, and rank by drawing from a pool of 6,000 questions spanning various Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping (STCW) subject areas. The system is pre-loaded with questions, but businesses can also add their own question banks and carry out any assessments they choose, according to the vendor.

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Source: Splash247


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