Seafarer with Life Threatening Injury Medevaced from Container Ship


A Lithuanian container ship got into an accident about 260km off the coast of Singapore.  Zaslavec Andrej, a 2nd officer of the ship sustained a life-threatening cut to his arm and lost a large volume of blood, while working on board a container vessel.

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) search-and-Rescue team  responded to the emergency call of the container ship and evacuated the 2nd officer to a hospital on board their Super Puma helicopter.

In his Big Thank You note on facebook Andrej said, “I was cut quite deeply with some bone fractures and my vein was cut…  I was glad the helicopter was there.  The crew was very quick and very nice.  A big thank you for saving my life.”

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Source: The Republic of Singapore Air Force on Facebook


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