Seafarer Tops the Lloyd’s List of Top 100 People


  • Selecting a list of the most influential people in shipping is never an easy task.
  • There will always be those who disagree with certain inclusions, exclusions and positions within the top 100 and those disagreements will probably last until the following year.
  • But in 2020, there was no dispute over who would be number one.
  • Yes, the 11th edition of the Lloyd’s List Top 100 People, a ranking of the most influential people in shipping, was released late last week.
  • But in this strangest of all years, there was no disagreement on who should top the rankings — The Seafarer.

A recent news report published in the Lloyds List written by Adam Sharpe reveals that ‘Seafarer’ has been chosen as the Top of all of Lloyd’s List Top 100 People.

A Unanimous decision

Some 45 International Maritime Organisation member states now recognise them as such, and Singapore has developed a framework for granting crew shore leave, but the situation is far from resolved.

Lloyd’s List inclusion

Indeed, many argue, Lloyd’s List included, that seafarers are the most important people every year.

But the essential work that they do was brought into stark clarity in 2020.

It was when the world battled to keep global supply lines functioning through quarantines, lockdowns and travel restrictions.

It was these very elements that also elevated further the role that seafarers played in the crisis.

Some 400,000 people left far from home on ships around the world, while governments argued over whether they should be considered key workers.

The full Lloyd’s List of Top 100 People

You can view the full list here, while Lloyd’s List Magazine and Special Reports Editor Linton Nightingale provides an in depth guide to the fallers and risers here.

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Source: Lloyds List