Seafarers Happiness Index: Q1 2024 Report Highlights


The latest Seafarers Happiness Index (SHI) report for Q1 2024, conducted by the Mission to Seafarers, indicates a notable increase in seafarer happiness compared to the previous quarter. This uptick reflects positive trends across various aspects of seafaring life, although challenges persist.

Positive Trends

  1. Improved Financial Security and Job Satisfaction: Seafarers reported fair wages, timely payments, and positive crew relationships contributing to increased happiness.
  2. Enhanced Connectivity and Supportive Policies: Better communication with loved ones and supportive company initiatives, including access to recreational facilities and health programs, have bolstered morale.
  3. Investment in Training and Professional Development: Comprehensive training programs have enhanced seafarer competence and career prospects.

Persistent Challenges

  1. Work-Life Balance Issues: Extended contracts, limited shore leave, and excessive workloads remain significant concerns impacting seafarer wellbeing.
  2. Substandard Living Conditions and Connectivity Issues: Despite some improvements, disparities in living conditions and connectivity persist, affecting overall satisfaction.
  3. Fraudulent Working Hours Reporting: Allegations of fraudulent reporting of working hours raise safety concerns and highlight the need for improved transparency and accountability in the industry.

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