Seaspan Ship Management Chooses Kaleris

Credits: Tara Winstead/ Pexels

Seaspan Ship Management, the largest independent lessor and operator of containerships, has selected Kaleris Marine Fleet Performance Bluetracker and Connected Loading Computer solution MACS3 Connected for their fleet of 123 vessels, as published on Yahoo.

Real-time cargo information

Additionally, they are implementing Kaleris’ Lashing Monitor on 27 newbuildings. This decision aims to enhance vessel performance, and compliance with emission regulations, and provide valuable cargo data for a greener future. Seaspan recognizes the importance of incorporating real-time cargo information into its fleet performance analysis for improved understanding and emission control.

Seamless data sharing 

Seaspan Ship Management has chosen Kaleris’ MACS3 Connected and Bluetracker One solution to enhance collaboration, streamline fleet management, and ensure cargo and crew safety. The use of MACS3 Connected allows for seamless data sharing across internal departments, promoting efficient communication. Kaleris’ Marine Fleet Performance tool offers customizable reporting features and scalable analytics, supporting Seaspan’s fleet management needs. The implementation of The Lashing Monitor reduces the risk of container loss at sea, especially in severe weather conditions. Seaspan will benefit from the expertise of Navis and Kaleris in providing advanced technology solutions for maritime operations. The deployment of these solutions is expected to be completed in the last quarter of the year.

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Source: Yahoo