Selektope®- Powered Antifouling Range Expands with New Product Launch


A brand-new antifouling product containing the unique bio-repellent ingredient Selektope® has been launched onto the global market.

The increasing diversification in the range of Selektope®-containing products available to ship owners suitable for different vessel requirements demonstrates the unrivalled versatility of the antifouling ingredient. It also demonstrates a growing commitment to the technology as demand from ship owners for antifouling coatings comprising Selektope® intensifies.

SEA GRANDPRIX 880HS PLUS is the third product Chugoku Marine Paints (CMP) has launched that contains Selektope®. It joins CMP’s SEAFLO NEO CF Premium; and SEAFLO NEO-S PREMIUM products that were launched in August 2016.

The new antifouling coating is based on hydrolyzing technology and can be applied to deep sea-going vessels trading worldwide in service periods for up to 90 months. Uniquely, CMP guarantees extended static performance of up to 45 days, thanks to the barnacle-repellent boost enabled by Selektope® combatting barnacle settlement on the ship’s hull by temporarily stimulating the barnacle larvae’s swimming behavior.

The organic, non-metal compound is the only one of its kind in a marine antifouling application. It is characterized by high efficacy at extremely low concentrations (approx.0.1% w/w), ultra-low leaching and flexibility to boost copper-based paint formulations or replace copper completely. Due to the low concentration needed, Selektope® does not compromise the chemical structure, color or other cooperative biocides of a marine coating.

For the inventors of Selektope®, Gothenburg-based I-Tech AB, the increase in the number of products on the market that harness the power of Selektope® is an encouraging sign of the confidence held by paint manufacturers in the technology. This latest product launch is set to be the first of many in the near future from an array of manufacturers.

“As demand for Selektope® soars, the number of antifouling products that contain our unique bio-repellent ingredients is expanding. This ensures that ship owners and operators have a selection of products to choose from, and confirms the flexibility and compatibility of our product with a range of different antifouling ingredients,” says Philip Chaabane, CEO I-Tech AB.  

Marine coating products containing Selektope® have been applied to over 150 vessels to date, including: tankers; containerships, and LNG carriers, in a series of newbuilding and over-coating projects. I-Tech reports orders for coatings including Selektope® in the first part of 2017 being double those achieved in 2016.

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