All Set For Ship-To-Ship LNG Transfer


Ship-To-Ship Transfer Of LNG In Scapa Flow

The leading global STS service provider, Fendercare Marine, will conduct the ship-to-ship transfer of LNG between two vessels while at anchor in Scapa Flow.

The transfer operation will involve The Arctic, which provides the fuel to the Excelerate.  The fuel transfer will start when both the vessels are berthed together in Scapa flow.

According to the Notice issued to Mariners, a 500 metre exclusion zone will be in place while the vessels are moving and during the STS transfer operation.

Brian Archibald, Orkney Islands Council’s Harbour Master and Head of Marine Services, said: “This will be the fourth STS operation involving LNG to take place in the Flow.  It follows earlier successful LNG transfers in 2007, 2010 and 2013.”

“Meticulous planning has gone into our preparations.  All the agencies involved have taken part in a detailed run-through of every aspect of the operation.”

Source: Orcadian