Setting The Agenda: MEPC 81 And Environmental Priorities


The International Maritime Organization (IMO) gears up for MEPC 81, a pivotal gathering focusing on vital matters concerning environmental stewardship within the maritime industry. As discussions unfold, stakeholders will address pressing issues, including the implementation of the 2023 IMO GHG Strategy, aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions from ships.

Environmental Focus Areas

MEPC 81 aims to tackle a range of environmental concerns under IMO’s jurisdiction, encompassing the control and prevention of ship-source pollution outlined in the MARPOL treaty. This includes addressing emissions, such as air pollutants and greenhouse gases, along with other critical issues like ballast water management and marine litter.

Implementing Sustainable Measures

Central to the agenda is the adoption of measures to enhance energy efficiency and reduce emissions from ships. The discussions will delve into mid-term measures, including the development of technical fuel standards and economic mechanisms to regulate greenhouse gas intensity. Proposals for emission control areas and the implementation of the Hong Kong Convention on ship recycling will also be deliberated.

Promoting Innovation and Collaboration

MEPC 81 underscores the industry’s commitment to innovation and collaboration in tackling environmental challenges. The meeting will explore strategies for reducing underwater noise from commercial shipping and adopting revised guidelines on the life cycle greenhouse gas intensity of marine fuels. Additionally, working groups will be established to address air pollution, energy efficiency, and other pertinent issues, fostering collective action towards a sustainable maritime future.

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Source: Safety4Sea