Seven Crew Members Of Bomar Mercury Hospitalized Due To Gas Intoxication



Two of the seven seamen onboard the chemical/oil Products tanker Bomar Mercury were hospitalized in critical condition after inhaling a toxic gas by name aniline in the Port of Rotterdam last week.  Two other crew members on deck were not feeling well, suffering trouble breathing. Aid workers gave assistance to one of them at the scene, doing intubation with a breathing tube.

It is reported that two Turkish crew members suffered serious conditions after inhaling the poisonous aniline fumes and five others were also badly affected while performing a cleaning operations on the vessel.

Four of the seamen were cleaning a tank when they came into a contact with the toxic substance Aniline. As a result of the time spent in the tank, they were heavily intoxicated.

Aniline is a toxic organic compound used in the manufacture of dyes, drugs, explosives, plastics and rubber chemicals

The seamen were initially treated on scene and transferred ashore with boats, where emergency teams offered a medical assistance and then taken to the hospital.

Bomar Mercury 7000 dwt is 4808-GT chemical/oil products Tanker, built in 2008 and sailing under Maltese flag. The vessel is owned by BM CHEMICAL MERCURY LTD and managed by BOREALIS MARITIME LTD.