Seven Days, Seven Miraculous Rescues

credit- Nadiia Ganzhy/unsplash

The toll in both countries rose to nearly 34,000 on Monday (February 13) – seven days after the initial 7.8 magnitude quake, says an article published on Yahoo.

Deadliest quake

The deadliest quake in Turkey since 1939 has killed 29,605 people there. More than 4,300 people were reported dead and 7,600 injured in northwest Syria as of Sunday (February 12), said a U.N. agency.

Temporary shelters

The quake is now the sixth most deadly natural disaster this century, behind the 2005 tremor that killed at least 73,000 in Pakistan.

Turkey said on Sunday about 80,000 people were in hospital, and more than 1 million in temporary shelters.

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Source: Yahoo


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