Severe Damage To Car Carrier After Ships Collide


On Thursday night, the North East Lincolnshire coast was battered by high winds and rain. This resulted in the collision of two ships on the River Humber. The 6,000-ton car carrier was left with a gaping hole to its port after the collision. Both the vessels travelled back to port safely. The UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch is investigating for what could have happened at the scene. Fortunately, there were no casualties or spillages reported from the incident.

Can you guess what could have happened in this case and what could be your steps to avoid reoccurance of such events. Please share your thoughts and experience.

If the expectations goes right, the ships may be temporarily patched up and taken to Rotterdam for further repairs. The name of the vessel has been pixelated. The images are from GCaptain and Yorkshire post and MFAME does not own any rights/accept liabilities. 

Source: Yorkshire Post


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