Sexting in Youngsters: Joke or Crime



Sexting refers to the practice of sending nude or semi-nude pictures by mobile phone or any other electronic media.  Imitation is a reason for sexting as children naturally tend to learn from elders.  Though it is a normal activity among children and young people, it has led to unforeseen issues causing trouble to innocent people.  As a result, this has grown up as one of the child protection issues with strangers targeting youngsters via blackmail over their images and videos.

Also, there was an incident where a schoolboy took his own life after he had been tricked into posting images on a social networking site.  Other instances may involve recipients of private messages forwarding them to others or posting a picture of them on a social media network with low privacy settings that can be easily hacked into and same can be used to bully and harass.  As sexting may end up with negative consequences, awareness has to be created among youngsters so that no one else becomes a victim in future.


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