SGTraDex Launches New Maritime Use Case


Singapore, 26 April 2023 At Singapore Maritime Week, SGTraDex announced upcoming launch of their Ship Supplies and Lighterage Optimisation Use Case due early May, while also revealing the commencement of a new Use Case, Efficiency Optimisation System for Voyage Planning.

Ship Supplies and Lighterage Optimisation Launching Early May 2023

First announced on 31 January 2023 through a pilot involving Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Jurong Port and members of the Ship Suppliers Association of Singapore (SASS). The Ship Supplies and Lighterage Optimisation (SSLO) Use Case seeks to optimise the procurement flow of ship supplies and provide end-to-end visibility of goods movements from both land and seaward phases of the fulfilment process.

The pilot enabled SGTraDex to trial the Use Case with inputs from key players in the ship supplies industry. Participants of the pilot also completed key milestones and preparations are underway for the Use Case to go ‘live’ in early May with participants adopting SGTraDex into their day-to-day processes.

“We are honoured to have partnered with Jurong Port, SASS and MPA for the Ship Supplies and Lighterage Optimisation Use Case, a true showcase of public private partnership coming together to solve industry challenges,” said Thaw Yee Leng, Head of Market Development, SGTraDex Services. “We believe that SGTraDex highway will help users transition from a paper-based process to a seamless digital process, reduce the need for manual reconciliation, increase efficiency and boost productivity.”

“We are delighted to be a part of this initiative and collaborate with SGTraDex and Jurong Port to launch the Ship Supplies and Lighterage Optimisation Use Case,” said Danny Lien, President, SASS. “As the trade association for ship suppliers in Singapore, we are dedicated to supporting our members and enhancing the competitiveness of the industry.”

“We are pleased to see SGTraDex and Jurong Port partnering with SASS to develop innovative digital solutions that optimise the ship supplies and lighterage industry,” said Ng Yi Han, Director (Innovation, Technology and Talent Development), MPA. “MPA looks forward to working with other industry partners to harmonise data sharing across stakeholders and enhance the digital maturity of the ship supplies sector in order to improve efficiency and service levels to strengthen Singapore’s proposition as a one-stop shop for all port services.”

Desmond Ong, Director of Transformation and Technology, Jurong Port, shared “The integration of LT Connect with SGTraDex and ship suppliers presents opportunities for the ship supplies industry to uplift themselves digitally. With more than 200,000 transactions passing through Jurong Port annually, we are committed to working with our partners to embrace digitalisation and promote a more efficient supply chain.”

Efficiency Optimisation System for Voyage Planning Use Case Launched

In addition to the Ship Supplies and Lighterage Optimisation Use Case, SGTraDex also revealed that they are developing a new use case – Efficiency Optimisation System for Voyage Planning (EOS-VP) targeting industries involved in liquid bulk operations.

Traditionally, vessel timestamp data has often been kept in isolated pockets of data silos, resulting in a lack of operational visibility. To address this challenge, the new use case aims to provide unified operational timestamp data across the supply chain to all relevant participants.

Kelvin Ling, Head of Operations & Business Development and Operations stated, “We are confident that our Efficiency Optimisation System for Voyage Planning (EOS-VP) Use Case will strengthen operational efficiency, reduce manual coordination, and provide empirical data for business intelligence for the maritime sector. By providing unified timestamp data across the supply chain, from key partners like PSA Marine and Advario.

The trading, storage and maritime industry can look forward to several benefits, such as the ability to trace event statuses and eventually achieve real-time visibility during operations.” He added: “The use case will also reduce the need for manual communication and coordination, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and improved demurrage management.”

“Advario is excited about leading the development of the Efficiency Optimisation System for Voyage Planning Use Case,” said Bay Chin Hao, Director Innovation & Sustainability, Advario. “This tool represents a transformative step forward in the digitalisation of the maritime, trading operations and storage terminal industry. We are confident that it will provide participants in the ecosystem, including shippers, vessel and product owners, a sustainable competitive advantage in the global energy trading market.”

Jimmy Koh, Head of Pilotage and Digital Transformation at PSA Marine, shared that “Through PSA Marine’s ONEHANDSHAKE™, the Efficiency Optimisation System for Voyage Planning Use Case will provide greater overall visibility of Singapore’s port operation. Together with SGTradex, we look forward to achieving more efficient resource management and better voyage planning for all the maritime stakeholders.”

Key Developments in the Bunkering Optimisation Use Case

As one of the first Use Cases to be launched, the Bunkering Optimisation Use Case has made tremendous progress, most notably with the facilitation of digital trade data for the first biofuel trade between Chevron and Ocean Network Express (ONE) in February 2023, followed by supporting the transaction of marine fuels outside of Singapore waters between KPI OceanConnect, Pacific International Lines and Bunker One in the latter part of the month.

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