Shanghai: Pet Dog Beaten To Death By Healthcare Worker


  • The pet dog was killed by an anti-epidemic worker with a stick in the middle of the street at Caoluzhen.
  • Both incidents were caught on home security cameras.
  • The lockdowns in the city have been extended due to the rising Covid-19 numbers.

After the WeChat account ‘corgi sh’ posted about the event on April 6, photographs and a video of a corgi dog being beaten to death by a Shanghai healthcare worker inundated Chinese social media as reported by What’s on Weibo.

Pet dog killed 

The screenshots of remarks provided by the person who reportedly videotaped the incident with their phone were included in the post. The person, who goes by the moniker ‘Isabella,’ verified that the incident occurred in Shanghai’s Pudong District. The dog’s owner was supposedly hauled away for quarantine after testing positive for Covid-19, and the beloved dog was then killed with a stick in the middle of the street in Caoluzhen by an anti-epidemic worker.

Major outrage 

In November of 2021, there was major outrage after a video went viral of a pet dog getting killed by anti-epidemic workers in Shangrao while the dog owner was undergoing quarantine at a nearby hotel.

In March of 2022, a very similar incident happened again in Huizhou, when a Samoyed dog was beaten to death by anti-epidemic workers while its owners were quarantined elsewhere in Huizhou.

Both incidents were caught on home security cameras.

“This is ruthless and cruel,” some Weibo commenters said.

The dog’s owner responded in a community WeChat group that they had let their dog out on the street for the community to take care of it since they feared the dog would starve to death if they would just leave it behind inside their home without enough food to eat.

The lockdowns in the city have been extended due to the rising Covid-19 numbers, and many people throughout the city are struggling to get groceries and supplies delivered, including vegetables, medicine, and pet food.

Calling out for help 

In the community WeChat group, the dog’s owner said: “We hoped to let him outside and be like a stray dog.”

“We never expected that he would be beaten to death the moment we had left.”

Earlier this month, one person called out for help on Weibo after a 10-year-old girl was left by herself at home after her parents had gone off to an isolation site.

Many on social media have therefore commented that they are not necessarily afraid of getting Covid, but more afraid of being taken away for quarantine after testing positive. 

“Didn’t they say early on that pets can’t spread the virus?”

A poster showing a cat saying “I can’t transmit covid19, please don’t abandon or hurt me” has been circulating on social media for months, issued by the Chinese state media outlet People’s Daily.

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Source: What’s on Weibo


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