Shanghai’s Rise As A Methanol Bunkering Powerhouse


Green Marine is spearheading the establishment of a cutting-edge methanol bunkering training and certification centre in the Lingang Special Area. This groundbreaking initiative not only ensures safe and efficient methanol bunkering operations in Shanghai but also positions the city as a global leader in fostering sustainable port and shipping services.

Setting Sail for Sustainability

Green Marine’s initiative focuses on providing comprehensive training and certification programs to support safe and efficient methanol bunkering operations. Enhancing expertise in methanol handling contributes to Shanghai’s leadership in sustainable maritime practices.

Launching a Green Fuels Trading Platform

The establishment of an online Green Fuels Trading Platform within the Lingang Special Area empowers methanol producers and downstream enterprises. By facilitating transparent transactions and managing price fluctuations, this platform drives the adoption of methanol marine fuel and strengthens Shanghai’s position as a global hub for green shipping.

Empowering Stakeholders for Success

As Lingang emerges as China’s primary methanol bunkering hub, stakeholders require comprehensive knowledge, tools, and market access. Green Marine’s efforts ensure that industry players are well-prepared to navigate the evolving landscape and maximize opportunities in the burgeoning methanol marine fuel sector.

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Source: Safety4Sea