Shell & Kansai Collaborate on Liquid Hydrogen Supply Chains


Shell and The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.  have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), building on their longstanding relationship in LNG, reads an official release.

Exploring liquid hydrogen (LH2) supply chains

Under this MoU, Shell and Kansai will explore and cooperate on business opportunities in liquid hydrogen (LH2) supply chains in order to promote decarbonisation of the businesses.

The scope of collaboration between Shell and Kansai includes:

  • Production of decarbonised hydrogen by both companies;
  • Deployment of hydrogen liquefaction, storage and shipping technology by Shell; and
  • Receiving and use of the hydrogen at thermal power plants by Kansai.

Net-zero emissions energy business

Shell’s target is to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050. To achieve its goal, Shell provides more low-carbon products and develops decarbonisation technologies globally.

Shell Japan, as a member of the CO2-free Hydrogen Energy Supply-chain Technology Research Association (HySTRA), operates the world’s first LH2 carrier “Suiso Frontier” and is involved in the safe transportation of LH2, using its knowledge and expertise as a pioneer in the LNG industry.

Realising hydrogen economy

Some of Shell’s other activities to realise the hydrogen economy include:

  • July 2022 – Renewable Liquid Hydrogen Supply Chain between Portugal and the Netherlands on the Horizon
  • July 2022 – Shell to Start building Europe’s largest (200MW) renewable hydrogen plant
  • July 2021 – Shell starts up Europe’s largest (10MW) PEM green hydrogen electrolyser

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Source: Shell


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